J.P. Manza

J.P. Manza has been a member of the AINWM team since August 2004, when he assisted on our first ever session tracking drums with John Robinson. Since then, J.P. has been the tracking engineer on all of John’s sessions at Colorado Sound. In addition, he has engineered or assisted on several of our other sessions including Pam Savage’s incredible lead vocal on “Where Love Stands Alone” as well as numerous sessions tracking guitars with Randy Chavez.

J.P. is a self-described “recording junkie.” He first stepped into a recording studio at the age of 14, and has been working in music production ever since. Along the way, he has earned a degree in Audio Engineering from the University of Colorado at Denver and a degree in Music Production from the Luleå Institute of Technology in Sweden.

Over the last five years at Colorado Sound, J.P. has been behind the board for many great national and local artists. He has received a gold record for his work on Matisyahu's album “Youth,” engineered a song for the television show “The Office,” and worked with other notable artists like Natasha Bedingfield and TV On The Radio. He has also engineered and produced songs for many great Colorado bands including The Epilogues, Vonnegut, Sofo, Rob Drabkin, Wendy Woo and Al Hood.

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