Ric Cabot Podmore 

Multi-Award winning Songwriter and Producer Ric Cabot Podmore is the true visionary of our creative development team. As head of production, it is Ric who oversees every step of the creative process, beginning with the composition of the song all the way through the arrangement and finally the master recording. His songwriting talents coupled with his mastery of audio imagery have become the signature for our product.

Ric’s most notable songwriting credits include two CHR/CCM Top 40 singles for "Some Déjà Vu" and "Stand Up Now" from ARRIVAL’s “Delayed” cd and "Neon Hotel" (co-written with Beau Hill and David Zycheck) from the Airborne album, “The Dig”.

As a producer, Ric was at the helm of the ARRIVAL albums ”Out Of Nowhere”, “Delayed” and “Into The Outer Side” as well as the “Point Of Origin” compilation cd. Ric has also produced every track in the AINWM library of master recordings, which includes Ric Cabot Podmore “The Songs, Volume One” and the soon to be released “The Songs, Volume Two”.  In addition, he co-wrote and produced the highly celebrated Christmas ensembles “Share The Magic” by Voices On High to benefit The Mile High United Way and “Every Christmas Day” by 5280-Denver Rock United for Children’s Hospital.

In 2016, Ric produced the International hit single “Simple Love” by Emiko, which achieved two separate #1 AC/Pop Chart positions in the UK.

From day one, there has never been any question about his creative ability as is evident by all of the incredible talent that continues to surround him. As a writer and producer, his skills are now being recognized as of those who are the elite in the industry.

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